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When The Empty Nest Starts Refilling Again

I have two sets of friends each with four children – yes that is eight offspring between them.  These youngsters are all similar ages and the elest pairs of each are finisbing uni this year and the next set down strt their final years etc.  so we will have the excitement of several young folk all trying to get jobs and houses of their own – eventually.   One thing that has become obvious this summer, that none of the soon to be post graduates, plan to live away from home.   Whereas in my day it was the route to all kinds of freedom, going away to university, the passport to your ow life.  Everything is different these days.  The families are already talking of expanding houses, converting garages, just preparing to live in each others’ pockets for a great deal longer than ever imagined.   Geting the houses spacially organised has been the toughest bit.  Good luck to them all!