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Watching Out For Futuristic Design Themes

I remember from many years ago an incident when my parents were invited to a wedding.  It was back in the day when children were sometimes seen  but never, never never heard. I am pretty sure the bride was a teacher at a school where my mum was the head teacher’s secretary.  Anyway the gift they chose was a loounge wall clock, it was very modernistic, with spikey sun rays all round the dial.  It was gold coloured and I remember being totally enraptured by this fairly unexciting product.  The design captured my imagination, as it was obviously made to look futuristic and space themed  – very much reflecting the era which was just when space travel was becoming a near possibility.  Isn’t it funny how something as simple as a fleeting sighting of this clock with it’s very modern look should still be in my minds eye al these years later.