Vetting & Choosing The Best Decorator

Deciding how and where to decorate in a house can cause a quandry.  My house is now twenty years old and so far I’ve only had it redecorated throughout once and it now needs another serious engagement with a paintbrush or two.  I enquired of three companies about doing this work.  Two of them responded and the other not.  So of the visits to quote, both chaps approached it from completely different angles.  One does all the prep in each room first and then starting with the ceilings, does each of those before returning to a sequence for the walls and woodwork.  The other guy simply did each room in turn from top left corner to bottom right.  The prices were very similar for the work I was asking for.   In the end I gave my business to the chap who could confirm he planned each job to allow for unexpected delays and tried excptionally hard not to cause any himself so if he said 11 working days, then that’s what you’d get, so he could start each new job on the day he said.  And he certainly did.