Truly Professional Paint Job Surpasses All Other

On a cold and wintery morning, looking out over the bedraggled garden, it is very hard to summons the energy or enthusiasm for planning the house decorating that needs to take place some time very soon.   I have family coming over to stay with me in the spring time and this house has not had any decor refreshment for some 8 years.  I then had one chap, truly professional painter, come to tackle my four bed exec home.  He quoted two weeks to do the lot and arriving at 11.30 on the alloted Saturday, he did indeed do absolutely everything plus a couple more jobs and signed off at 11.30 two weeks later.   This of course is the thing of dreams but I was particularly lucky as he is a very good pal of my very bf and he lives abroad.  He was coming over to fulfill a contract at a heritage property but having sorted his cheapes flights some weeks prior, as planned, the property administrators were found wanting in that they suddenly pulled out of the deal a month before kick of.  I had already told my chum in a whimsical manner that I could do with that help.  Well, one phone call and a skype video call laer, I was booking his srvices for doing up mine in the time available.  There is nothing like having a real professional in to decorate your own little castle!