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To Paint Like A Trojan – To Coin A Phrase

Oh the joy I felt when a chum said he was coming over from his home in a nice sunny mediterranean isle to do some decorating jobs with his brother, and would have 2 weeks to help me with my own house . . .   I walked him around my house using my iPad on skype, so he could get an idea of the dimensions.  He looked, scratched his chin and decided he could do a grand overhaul of the decor in exactly two weeks.   I’d have to clear each room of the unnecessary stuff first.  Agreed.  He worked like a trojan.  Every morning from 7am he was at work in his ‘whites’.  I didn’t realise until then that he doesn’t do a room at a time – it’s a job at a time.  So he did all the ceilings in the first week.  Taking doors off the rooms to prepare.  Fantastic job was done – my house shone and I still love it, a few  years later!