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The Need To Avoid Trendy Fashionable Furnishings Is Paramount

I do have a problem with my current dining chairs – attractive as they are, I find that I can’t lift them easily.  The room is not very large and I have a lovely oak table, with four sturdy legs.   Added to the five chairs which each have four legs, getting round all that lot with a hefty vacuum cleaner hose does take a massive effort.  Putting the chairs up on the table helps me but they’re rather heavy now.  I am thinking of changing the chairs to a lighter, far more modern design from a scandinavian designer – leather covers and aluminium legs.  I may have to take myself off for a good look around to check what’s out there, I may need to look up some magazines to see what the latest trends are.  I’m definitely not a trend follower so I need to be careful not to run down that rabbit hole – its so easy to get wrapped up in designs and colours.  I get rather bewildered and tend to leave the subjefct alone!