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Refit Needed To Bring Back Modern Living

I have been the owner and resident of this house since early 2000s and when it was brand new, everything was so exciting – the smell of a brand new home when you move in is irreplaceable.  This one had luscious heavy grade carpet throughout – this being one of the sales incentives, if we paid for 30 oz carpet, they would upgrade it to 50 oz and proper underlay throughout the house for no extra charge.  The carpeting extends into each fitted wardrobe too which makes those feel strangely luxurious.  However, now that I’ve been here for nearly 20 years, little things are beginning to get on my wick, bits and pieces are wearing out or just need replacing with modern, sleek, new.  These would include the kitchen, which although still current design, will need redesigning to make better use of the space available.   A good decorator and project team should be able to do a wizard job in a trice!