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Redistribute Furnishings Scales Down Costs

In the largely extended house mentioned in an earlier post, there is of course the point about furnishing a newly built extension.  Do you go for more of the same that you’ve had for years or do you go mad and replace absolutely everything with vibrant new styling throughout.  Well having spent about 100K on the extension building work, although it seemed mean not to replace the lot, the expense was going to cripple the owners.  They used the interior design arm of the project engineering company to work on a room at a time.  Redistributing existing furniture throughout the house, they were able to introduce new pieces to compliment and update each room.   As their existing  window dressings were very expensive, they were taken down, cleaned and again, reused in different rooms.  It’s incredibly effective just reinventing a scheme.  The neighbours keep finding excuses to pop round  – just to see each stage unfolding!