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Preparing Properly For Decorating Saves Time

Whilst we’re currently in lockdown, we’re just not able to get out to those fantastic diy emporiums that have cropped  up on the periphery of every town.  They stand there like great unloved giants, all ready and stocked with the most wonderful selection of paints and other wall coverings, together with all the anciliary goods needed to make a fantastic job of the decorating project.  As we all know, to do the very best job if we cannot run to engaging a professional painter and decorator, is to really prepare the room/ area well before starting.  Clearing and cleaning the surfaces first is essential, then rubbing and sanding down any woodwork to be re glossed.  Once that is washed and dried, before applying the gloss, doing the walls and ceiling first.  Prepping the woodwork at the beginning just means it will be clean and dried and ready to receive the gloss paint as soon as the emulsion or other wall covering is on and dried.