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Perfectly Bespoke Prefab Luxury

I expect there are quite a few of us careful folk who veer away from anything that contains the word bespoke.  It used to mean very expensive clothes – designers for the royal family would have studios offering a bespoke service with unique designs and service to match.   Today the phrase  bespoke design can also include property and the interior design and decoration of anything from a small frabricated home from the end of second world war – they were truly bespoke, in that they were designed with everything built in, down to the tiniest detail.  They were built in a hurry to house some of the thousands of families who were displaced through the war.    These dear little properties had built in larders, washing copper for heating Monday’s washday water – sadly the washing machine hadn’t reached our shores for a while yet.   They also had inside toilets, bathrooms and running water.  Hurrah!