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Old Designs Holding Up New Progress

When you travel around the world, you see all kinds of styles of furniture and decor.  It is tempting to try and replicate this when we’re back here and wanting to update or modify the look of the house we’re in and seriously bored with.   Unlike when we lived all in one house from the start, it perhaps being one of the ugly government supplied chalet prefab homes which held millions of folk move out of the still very scarred inner cities.  The idyllic scenes conjured up of gable roofed cottages, children and dogs playing out in the sunny veg plot and maybe that rather lovely kitchen garden next door with the old oak gables above the windows.  To compare these two styles of ‘home’ is competely unfair.    Each home has been built to exacting standards but the post war building boom was solely to house millions of displaced persons and less could be spent on prettyfying the design.  We can build all sorts today, so long as our plans fall within the current legal systems.