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Mismatched & Discordant But Still Popular

For a few seasons it was quite the ashion to have completely mismatched chairs around the dining room.  Every tea  room and cafe went in for this craze ad despite everwhere taking on the guise of a rag & bone man’s yard, the fad kept going quite healthily.  I remember visiting Bath with my sister in law and like everyone else, we were struck by the wonderful georgian ardhitecture and the design of the crescents of houses.  Inside museums and theatres there were obvious signs that a great deal of love and energy expended on each.  But for some reason all the coffee shop and tea shop owners had gone in for a rather bizarre obsession for mismached seating around their esablishments.   Their ideas of decorating were also interesting from memory.  One particular ‘war time'[ te4a room deid make a spefial effort to show that their furitue, aolthough mismatched, was very much of he correct period and reflected how families had found themselves having to ‘make do and mend’, in those circumstances a little discordant dcolourway is forgiveable.