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Lucky Sale Room Timing When Furnishing New Build

When we moved into the home I still occupy, we had absolutely brand new everything thoughout the house because it was a new build property.  For years we’d made do with cast offs and second hand shop finds.  How we got by with with mismatched junk is remarkable.  But the time came for this lovely new home, weeks before moving in, we had the chance to buy up a lot of sale goods from a well known furnishing strore that was sadly closing – good for  us though!  Although there was no opportunity to plan a design for each room, the quality of the items just shone and it was fantastic to own beds, headboards a complete 5 piece leather lounge suite and side tables – all as beautiful as anything featured in top quality home magazines.   We were even able to buy up several pieces of the commercial art work displayed throughout the store – exciting and unusual themes for each room.  The timing could not have been better and the shop stored all of it until our moving day.