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Keeping The Costs Down By Staying Over

The early days of living together as a family can be the stuff of dreams, or quite possibly, nightmares.  The concept of  having to share and compromise, always agreeing on what colours to choose or what second hand furniture would be best bought to make it home. . . . This memory came flooding back when I was discussing problems experienced by a family friend, I’m talking to this chap on skype, walking him round whilst I did a tour with my laptop.  I’d explained how my partner and I couldn’t agree on how to decorate and he offered to give a hand.  He got an idea of the dimensions and quoted me that afternoon.   I accepted his quote and the deal was done.  He arrived promptly as arranged on the right date and he set to work almost immediately.   Unfually for this guy, there was no stopping for the offered cuppa, or to take his suitcase up to the spare room, where to save our costs and his, we decided he would be sleeping over.  Such a brilliant plan!Keeping The