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Keeping Stately Home Ticking Rather Than Kicking

There’s a nice small heritage property that I have recently taken to volunteering at.  Not huge in terms of rooms to wander round.  None of this green bedroom, yellow drawing room nonsense that bores in the bigger houses.  My little wonder is only from the early 1730s, replacing a larger tudor built manorial pile.  although I am getting used to the layout and know all the quick routes to get from one zone to another, silently and without being noted by visitors, it still takes a bit of organising.  There is scaffold around to prop up varous bits of ongoing maintenance work – which stops when the doors open for the punters.  Looking at the various rooms that have been opened for viewing, it is obvious that much effort has  been made to get the right furniture back in place as much as possible.  The secret is to keep it ticking over and not rebuild or restore too much.