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How To Tidy Up That Unsellable House

I love watching the odd daytime lifestyle programme on tv.  I particularly like the house programmes – there used to be one in the late 1990s called House Doctor, and american lady used to enter the homes of folk who had failed to sell their homes by conventional methods and she was brought in to look around and recommend changes to assist the effort.  She used to show us in a one hour programme, how to strip out the old and refurbish or just decorate the rest to get the most agreeable design and decor.  It always involved some form of magnolia shade on the walls and the palest of carpets if these were needed at all.  Most times she recommended stripping out such fluff collectors and replace with wooden flooring if possible, or if absolutely necessary, laminate boards.  The effect was always mesmerising though and many more sales used to be realised from these few small efforts.