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Getting The Right Team In During Emergency

When we think about a project in the home, there is always a lot more to be taken into consideration than just the finished result.  Cost of the materials is a major item, but not as much as the labour if it’s being done by a third party.   Planning the time to do work is also very difficult – families don’t always have as much time together as they’d like and holidays are often the only time when all the family get to speak to each other.  Imagine trying to organise a painting and redecorating programme for a small house ad then size that up for a very splendid heritage house.  We are obviously talking about a large house with a lot of empoyees and volunteers. Imagine trying to get dates sorted with that lot!  The things that can go wrong are even greater, the bigger the house.  An action plan is essential for any sized property but with a massive    one, if there’s no or little notice of something about to break or collapse, then the owners can only try to minimise the worst of the mess and gather together their emergency repairs team, the insurance man and quite possibly, the charity and fis and the members.