Extending Worktop Walls and Over The Peninsular

We all need inspiration to give our homes the sort of oomph needed to get neighbours and friends to want to come around often.  I had a new kitchen fitted last year and for the first few months I thoroughly enjoyed a definite wowzer effect.  Family first would look around unbelieving.  My swish big white bank of cabinets along one side are so impressive – the sleek lines broken on by the double oven combination.  The hob featured on a narrow wall is lit by the overhead cooker hood and this features lights either side of the hob.  The worktop has been extended up the walls, in a thinner layer called tech wall.  When I saw this feature in the show room, it was a lighter wood panel effect but the company had just introduced this new product and I was able to have it in a darker pure oak shade, not as block panel but looking for all the world as though it has been sawn straight off the sides of a few trees.  It’s a wonderfuk feature.   Pure design thrills which will remain unique, and no just a passing fad.