Designs On Dining & Craft Emporiums

Having recently acquired a very large drop leaf dining table, we’ve been in the process of moving the family sewing room upstairs to one of the spare bedrooms.  At last we can think about using our dining room for having meals in.  Joy!  For the last two years it’s been an impromptu craft emporium – two sewing machines, cutting mats, box loads of fabrics and habidashery supplies have all been piled up on the dining table and each available surface.    However, the larger of the spare rooms has been snaffled as a sewing and craft room, and the new drop leaf table installed up there – we bought that design specifically so that when we wanted to use the room for sleeping, we could simply take all the sewing equipment off it, put the leaves down, and the very slim remains could then be hidden behind the sofa bed . . .   It is possible but needs a team of tough guys as the table weighs a ton – but at least it’s sturdy for that sewing machine.