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Checking A Distressed Finish Makes Me Wince

I’m sure we all remember the trend for painting furniture to look distressed, or limed.  Not sure quite what the difference is but I for one am glad that phase has left us.  I have been in two houses near me where the kitchens have had a large farmhouse table with six or even eight dining chairs.  So far so good. . . It’s the mix and match part I cannot abide.  I think in fact that this may be a short loved affair but lots of cafes and tea rooms took up the same theme.  Lots of mismatched chairs dotted around the equally mismatched tea tables.  Admittedly these are usually coveed with ditsy white’brodery ‘anglaise table cloths but the legs are still horribly disfigured by odd coloured paints.   One neighbour actually paid a local decorator to distress her mums old kitchen oak table.  I struggle so much with this idea that I stil have’t accepted his invite for after tea and cake.