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Charity Warehouse Comes Up Furnishing Trumps

When we buy our first house we can’t afford new stuff to fill it but with thought, there are lots of ways we can upgrade our home decorating and freshen up the design of our homes.  For a quick home refurb and refresh, the best place to start is in the living room.  Looking at where the big furniture is placed helps.  Can that sofa be moved to sit against another wall, or across the room – can the tv be placed up on the wall to take up less space.  How about changing the order in which pictures and decals are placed on the wall.  I know a young family who couldn’t afford much in the way of new stuff so they went to a big charity outlet that has a huge warehouse of all kinds of donated wares – some very high end makes.  I saw a fantastic ercol dining set in there recently – very good prices.  The family furnished most of their house this way – the only things they bought brand new were the beds, mattresses & pillows etc.  Otherwise they were thrilled to buy well known makes for their easy chairs and dining set – and by carefully looking at all the items available, they found a matching sideboard and bookcase by the same maker;  just in different ‘room’ settings.  This is called interior design – charitable style!