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Carriages Repurposed To Reflect Modern Furnishing

I was house sitting recently for a younger couple.   I suppose I’m basing my ideas on how my family schemes changed in tandem with Dad’s spare cashflow.  If one year he made more in the spring with bonuses and annual salary rise, then Mum was able to allocate some of the spare readies to upgrading the next item in an ever increasing list.  The first priority to come out of the slush fund was actually the summer holiday.  I don’t recall us ever doing anything too startling or revolutionary but we would troop down to Sussex – note, very painfully pebbly beaches . . .  to take up residence in an ex railway carriage, now repurposed into an exciting chalet, with bunk beds along one side, with the small sliding windows halfway between the two layers.  The lounge and dining areas were furnished with examples of modern styles of the day – very much in vogue at the time.  The kitchen had a melomine table matching the little worktop and sink area.   So sophisticated!