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Bright Colours Bring Chairs Into Sharp Focus

I don’t think many of us sit thinking about the subject of chairs very often. . . .  They are just items we move about, shift around in, squat inelegantly in front of the tv and ignore much of the time.  However, there are some truly superb designers, especially for chairs, about these days.    I saw a sterling example of this recently in a very beautiful country village pub.  Now that the craze for mismatched jumble sale outcasts has passed – thank heavens – this particular gastro pub had bought into sturdy but lightweight tables with modern A frames, so no one was likely to crack their knees or shins on them.  They’d also sourced small lightweight armchairs.  The colours were very sympathetic to the overall scheme and the whole of the furnishing effect was stunning.    The background colour was palest grey/green putty theme, neutral enough to take bright armchairs in orange, magenta and sharp royal blue.  I was so impressed, I have been drawn to redesigning my own sitting rooms and plan a similar scheme.