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Breaking Away From The Chain Store Decor Effect

We need to keep our eyes on trends in fabrics and furnishings these days otherwise it’s proving very easy to fal behind with what’s happening in the world of homecare.  For some years there was a tendency towards a rather bleak black, black and grey, black grey and red . . . .   Personally I found all of these formats completely tasteless, yet every single decorating store and furniture outlet was churning out the same old theme.  This is where it become obvious that our major suppliers must all be in league with each other.  It’s disappointing to note no original thought is available.  The only true way to have a unique and completely different look is to avoid the national chain store suppliers of furniture and effects and to engage with a designer who will suggest alternative schemes for consideration.  With that comes the assurance that the work will be carried out to the best possible too.