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Battered Metal Chairs Make Designer’s Day

Whilst waiting for a favourite decorating / furnishing and design programme to come on, I was watching one of those bargain / antique searching shows – originally recorded and shown some years ago but essentially an over excited auctioneer was racing around parts of Norfolk, seeking out good procelain, jewellery, small furniture etc. to be put in an auction at the end of the day . . . .  Amongst the general junk he collected were some seriously battered old chairs – painted metal, bent design with circular cut outs all over the back and seat.  In their day, proclaimed to be early 1950s, these were apparetly very expensive and swish design to behold.  They looked ghastly but he still bought all 12 for £200 which did seem mad.  He suggested these would be snapped up by a discerning designer for use in a high end office . . .  Amazingly that’s exactly what happened.  There was frantic bidding mostly online and a little in the room.   These quirky design features in offices come about because someone is in the right place, at the right time.