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Avoiding The Commission Based Sales Push

When you are furnishing any place, be it a child’s bedroom, an office in the home – even a new dining room, there needs to be serious thought about a few things first.  It’s an expensive job and extremely unwise to go racing in to the huge furnishing superstores without a really good idea of what you think  you want, and the reasons for it.  The problem with many stores is that the sales staff work on a high commission basis – compared to salary and every sale is critical to the company but even more so to them.  I have found them to be very persuasive in the direction of certain lines – and have extra bonuses with these promotions.   The delight of being able to go on line and see the same or very similar products and be able to look for as long as you want, take measurements off the site – check viability and availability makes it all a much more relaxed and sensible proposition.