The Necessity of a Surveyor

If you are in the process of buying a new home, chances are you have had to take on the services of a professional surveyor to help certify that your new home is up to the standards required for safe living. A surveyor checks a building to make sure it is structurally sound and that it poses no risk for occupants or users if they decide to live in it. We recommend searching for a surveyor through a reputable agency to ensure that you are hiring a professional who will not make costly mistakes and end up being a waste of time! Always check that your surveyor is up to the RICS standards as a safe measure.
water cooler services

Fresh, Cool Water on Tap!

If you are frustrated with having poor tasting, or poor quality water in your taps, why not consider getting a water cooler for your home? There are a wide variety of coolers to look great and function beautifully within your home. All you need are some good quality water cooler services to get your up and running and to ensure that your cooler works effectively from the word go. Easy, fresh and chilled water at the touch of a button - a luxury which is well within reach!

Family Additions Call For Home Extensions

Making the most of any household space is paramount once children and / or pets come along.  What was once that very spacious three bedroomed town house suddenly becomes overcrowded and until a programme of change and new thinking is installed, it can become oppressive and difficult to feel contentment.   The filling up of our

Changing Up A Gear In Houses And Interiors

There are a great number of chnges going on around where I live.  Families are suddenly putting their nice comfortable executive designed houses on the market and these are changing hands at a terrific pace.  this is of course very good news for some elements of the local economy.    The conveyancing solicitors are making a

Interior Design Updates Cheer Up A Slow Spring

It has been a particularly cold and miserable winter in my neck of the woods.  The summer seemed to disappear at an alarming speed last September – no sooner had I enjoyed a late summer holiday, arriving home end of September, than the autumn raced in.  We have had all sorts of weather – snow,

Refurbishing The Old To Welcome The New

I have very recently been heavily involved in the clearing out of a relative’s bungalow.  The relative is still with us, only moved into a care home nearby, not actually departed in the true sense of the word.    it was still a very painful operation to go through – all the memories that come flooding

Keep Up With The Jones’s Without Even Moving

When there is an influx of new neighbours, several houses all changing hands at a similar time,  those left behind in their same old house can feel a little dissatisfied with their lot and feel left behind.  The new neighbours do not seem content with just upsizing to this glorious new abode – every thing

Serious Upgrade Brings House Up to Standard

The one thing about inheriting a property from a relative, especially if it’s an unexpected surprise, is not having the funds or the wherewithall to know where to start with any upgrade.  The property was built in the 1920s and at the time would have been thought very modern, reflecting the popularity of art deco